Your Guide to Creating A Seating Standardization


One of the greatest challenges for any organization, is the selection of a seating standardization.  From determining functionality, costs and overall esthetic makeup, organizations often have an internal battle.  Will Health & Safety have conflict with Facilities?  Will HR clash with Procurement?  Will Finance quarrel with the Architect/Designer?  Hopefully not but most likely YES.  Seating is a very subjective element to any workstation.

So how does a company reach a verdict upon a chair for a harmonious coexistence?  Having an open dialog with all divisions will be paramount to the success.  Each manager needs to develop his/her objectives and be prepared to share their definitions with the administration.  Below are few important guidelines to help with the process for creating the foundation of your seating standardization.

  1. What are company goals for their workplace­­­­? This sounds so utterly simple yet without a set of realistic written directives there will never be a starting point.
  2. Know the workstation – Will the employees be located in cubicles, benching systems, electric height adjustable desks or traditional case good furnishings? Identify the flooring surface and other key elements of the location.
  3. How long will there be a body in the Chair? Will there be a body in the chair for a few hours or is this a 24/7 environment.
  4. What is the budget? Be realistic and use the internet as a baseline.  Do not forget other costs including important options to the chair as well as shipping, assembly and removal of the existing chair.
  5. Who pays for the chair? Will this be paid by one department or a combination of many departments?
  6. Type of Rollout – Will the chairs be needed all at once or over a defined period (several weeks to several months)?
  7. Employee Population – Will the chairs be used as a task only chair or also in conference rooms, reception desks and other areas of the company?
  8. Know the Body Types of the Users – Be acquainted with the heights & weights of the users. Remember chairs have weight capacities and just because someone may be petite in height does not necessarily equate to being petite in their width.
  9. Determining Want vs Need – Just because it looks pretty a white chair may not be the most durable in a call center. Do not skimp on key elements such as a seat slider.  Knowing the way the chair functions is very import.
  10. Order a Sample – Make sure you are happy with the chair. Test the durability, view your color selection.  Once produced manufactures will not allow for returns.  


Case Study:

Ergoprise was recently selected by a publicly traded company to help deploy a 400+ chair standardization in both its Austin Texas & Silicon Valley California locations.  The seating needs of the two locations required a durable task chair that offered distinctive lumbar support, specific arm & seat pan movement and the ability to lock the back when needed during certain tasks and recline and rock when appropriate.  The chair had to be contemporary in design but have the proficiency to be ordered in alternative seat sizes (if required).  The chair that Eroprise designated for the project; which was requisitioned, was the AllSeating YouToo Midback Task Chair.


About Ergoprise:

When formulating a multi-location rollout or a simple modification of a single workspace, finding the right company – with the capacity to execute – is critical to the success of your initiative.  Our experienced team provides professional resources and incorporates the highest levels of quality and accountability while executing each project according to your unique requirements.

Should you have questions about chairs please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat. Please feel free to complete our chair questionnaire and we can help take the guess work out of searching for the chair that fits your requirements.

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