Your Back Isn’t Supported On Your Chair, Where Are Your Keyboard & Mouse?

You are probably thinking what is wrong with my chair and how do I fix it?  Well the answer is not what you think.  You can have the most advanced chair with all the bells and whistles; but if your keyboard and mouse are located on the top of the desk, you really need to incorporate a retractable keyboard tray system into your workspace.

Try this exercise to emulate the poor posture that is caused when not using a keyboard tray system.  Sit in your chair and put your arms out in front of you as if you were Superman flying in the sky.  Your shoulders immediately rise.  Now think of hours devoted in this position multiplied by the amount of hours spent in your workspace.  This is a very awkward position and depending upon the location of the input devices, your back will lean forward and not be supported by the chair.  Over time this can lead to discomfort or even injury in the shoulders, arms or wrists.


Ideal Sitting Position

Now that you have established the necessity for a keyboard tray system let’s review what you need to do to prepare for the installation. It is very important to measure.  Measure underneath your desk from front to back.  Make sure there aren’t objects that will interfere with the track. Knowing the depth of the desk is very important since it will determine which track length to acquire. Most tracks come in a standard length of 21” (being the most popular).   A longer track will allow the keyboard tray to stow back under your desk.  Smaller tracks are available for desks that have less depth.


Have knowledge of the type of desk where the system will be installed.  A straight/rectangular desk adapts too many types of keyboard tray systems.  A corner desk can hold a keyboard tray.  A corner sleeve  is a wonderful tool to help convert cumbersome spaces into practical spaces.  A glass table will not accommodate a keyboard tray system.



Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray (also known as the platform) is available in many sizes & options.  Measure the width of the desk and

know the specifications of the keyboard and mouse.  If you have a curved keyboard it needs to be on a specific shaped tray.  Do you want the mouse to be on the same level of the keyboard or do you want a separate mousing platform?  These are the questions that need to be addressed prior to purchasing.


Keyboard Mechanism

The last component to address is the mechanism (also referred to as a keyboard arm).  This is the element that causes the movement of the system.  It can be offered in knob or knob less.  It allows the system tilt and swivel or sit to stand.





Should you have questions about keyboard tray systems please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.  Please feel free to complete our keyboard tray questionnaire and we can help take the guess work out of searching for the keyboard tray that fits your requirements.


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