Varidesk vs. S2S Workstation, which sit stand desk works for you?

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Varidesk vs. S2S Workstation, which sit stand desk works for you?

Ergonomically, one of the greatest concerns which rarely is  addressed with any desk-on-desk riser, is that they truly limit the users to a very small window to type seated ergonomically if the keyboard tray does not adjust below the work surface.  We’ve enclosed two graphics (next column over) from the Cornell University School of Ergonomics of the ideal typing posture.

We combined Cornell’s ergonomic workstation guideline with the average female and male anthropometric dimensions while seated and standing. This will give you an idea of what workstations will work for your height.

The most important variable when selecting on an one desk sit-stand solution is to make sure you can type ergonomically seated as well as      standing.  This is where the Varidesk fails and the S2S Sit to Stand Workstation stands above the rest!

The Varidesk is ideal for a very small population due to two factors. It adds 3/4” to the top of the work-surface. (EXERCISE: Measure the distance from your floor to the top of your desk (usually 29” to 30” high) and add 3/4 of an inch and find the seated height on the graph in the next column. Example: A person 5’7” should be typing around 25.3” high this puts your arms in a perfectly comfortable L-shape. Typing at 29.8” will make you adjust your arms and shoulders an additional 4.5” above your ideal ergonomic and most comfortable typing position.

The S2S Workstation is one of the only desktop sit stand solutions that meets both the BIFMA/ANSI & HFES 100-2007 standards. Users 5’ tall to 6’5” tall, can ergonomically type in both seated and standing.

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Watch our video comparing the Varier vs S2S Workstation sit stand desk comparison


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