Web-Based Risk Measurement Software Saves Your Company Upwards Of $5,000 Per Employee Per Year

Web-Based Risk Measurement Software

Saves Your Company Upwards Of $5,000 Per Employee Per Year

Now you are probably asking yourself how this can be possible.  Many companies are grappling with the issues of increasing productivity, reducing office injury expenses/workers compensation (which impacts insurance costs), addressing safety challenges and lastly enhancing comfort in an employee’s workstation.  Most organizations do not have a comprehensive safety program in place.


Comfort Zone

Let’s be fair-minded, it is extremely daunting and very few organizations have the resources to put together a program.  Therefore the attitude is to address discomfort & injury on a reactive basis rather than proactive approach.  This tactic not only is extremely costly (e.g. the average costs for back surgeries range from $8,000 – $80,000) but it also leads to a tendency called “Absent Presenteeism”; although an employee is at work he/she is in discomfort  so their job performance is greatly impacted.  This also may occur when one employee is tasked with performing not only their job but asked to the job of the injured co-worker.


Musculoskeletal disorders account for 28% of all reported workplace injuries and illnesses requiring time away from workas referenced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics).  Quite often it is extremely difficult for employers to pinpoint the root of discomfort within their “office” employee workforce as opposed to their “industrial” sector.  Employees may be feeling discomfort in their neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, and legs.  Determining the cause of the pain may be the result of many factors.  Is it the byproduct of the chair with fixed arms, the placement of the monitor, an improperly sized keyboard or all of the above?  I have experienced countless times when an organization will contact us and will request a product.  After discovery I found out this was the second, third and often fourth purchase of merchandise (previously procuring items unknowingly from random internet websites).  They made the previous acquisitions hoping it will solve the employee’s suffering.  Detecting the primary warnings signs; will help to improve awareness & understanding, which allows the ability to develop a cohesive system & resolution.


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone by Ergoprise is a Web-based program that quickly captures posture-related and environmental data through a short, intuitive, image source survey. The Comfort Zone survey, which takes less than 10 minutes for an employee to complete, pinpoints 90% of the physical stressors at a computer workstation. Short surveys increase participation rates, helping ensure more accurate and actionable data is obtained.  The program captures and records actionable employee data to enable organizations to make deliberate decisions to proactively manage risk with minimal resources.  The evaluation of data can be utilized by management, supervisors as well as a third party administrator (in the case of workers compensation).  Sometimes a physical ergonomic assessment for an entire workforce may not always be feasible.  Therefore this software helps to identify high-risk ergonomic behavior.  It also helps the employee to recognize that they can make incremental changes to their workspace.


 Both the employer and the employee benefit by using Comfort Zone by Ergoprise.

Employer Benefits
The employer benefits by pro-actively managing risk exposure due to physical discomfort of the employee in the office workplace. By implementing corrective measures, corporations can help restore productivity and successfully recapture the thousands of dollars lost annually per employee due to physical discomfort at the computer workstation.

Employee Benefits
The employee benefits by receiving training and education on proper posture and positioning of items at the workstation, enabling them to be in their comfort zone for maximum productivity. An employee in their comfort zone works more efficiently and effectively, getting more done in less time.

What type of organization can benefit from using Comfort Zone by Ergoprise?

Regardless of industry, any type of organization or company that has employees using computers can benefit from using Comfort Zone.

What types of reports are available from Comfort Zone by Ergoprise?

Comfort Zone has a standard suite of actionable reports designed to get your organization up and running quickly and customized reports also are available. Data is date- and time-stamped, and archived. Comfort Zone measures and provides reports on individual risk levels, empowering employers to prioritize and implement appropriate remedial action. The program’s centralized database ensures greater control while providing tools to help predict risk prior to injury or claims, enabling you to respond immediately.

Which department manages Comfort Zone by Ergoprise?

The most common departments deploying and managing Comfort Zone are Human Resources and EH&S departments. However, Facilities/Maintenance, Finance and Legal departments also support the program due to its cost savings and risk mitigation aspects.

Now that you’ve gathered the data and conducted a detailed analysis, you will have the information to develop a proactive program and create employee awareness that they can be comfortable and work and remain healthy!


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