Uprise Desk Review

Looking for an honest review from a customer that purchased the Uprise Desk? Well look no further than Planet5D  who wrote a great article regarding the entire sit-stand desk purchase experience. Hugh from Planet5D explains his desk purchase process in a two part series.  At first, Hugh decided to go the affordable route and went with buying an IKEA table. But he soon realized the meaning of the term, “you get what you pay for.”

After only 10 months the Linnmon/Adils Table from IKEA did not fair so well. Check out the video below for Part I of the I Wanna New Sit Stand Desk Series.

After careful research Hugh decided upon our Uprise Desk.

In his Part II series he takes us on a journey of the set-up process for his new Uprise Desk. It is very informative video of a step by step guide to assembling your new ergonomic standing desk. You can view the video below.

Thank you Hugh for such a great and informative Uprise Desk Review!

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