Ergonomic Gift Suggestion – Day 24 – Relaxation Techniques

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Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 24 Between all of the stresses that you have endured during the time leading up to the holidays, here are some relaxation techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Autogenic relaxation. Autogenic means something that comes from within you. In this relaxation […]

Relax in Bed with a Bed Wedge

Ergonomic Solutions doesn’t just stop at the office desk environment. Posture and body positioning follows you everywhere, including your bed.  Ergoprise understands that ergonomics even applies to the bedroom which is why we offer ergonomically designed and eco-friendly bed wedges.  Our bed wedges help relief pain associated with lower back […]

Save your Back from Back Pain

Save Your Back To assist our readers to further understand the importance of sound ergonomic practices, we at Ergoprise take pleasure in listing additional information during National Ergonomics Month.  With this passage, Ms. Devanshi G. Patel reviews an all too common complaint we hear about from many contacts.      The […]