Sweet! The New Goldtouch V2 Keyboard – A Review

The new Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard may well be the most comfortable split ergonomic keyboard on the market.

The Goldtouch revolutionized the computer keyboard market when it introduced the Goldtouch Keyboard 13 years ago. Ergonomic keyboards had been around a few years but most computer users weren’t wild about the giant-sized, oddly-shaped boards companies such as Microsoft and Logitech were producing. Still, the designs produced at the time did improve hand and wrist positioning.

Enter the Goldtouch Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard that offered three major improvements over other ergonomic keyboards:

  1. the ability to adjust the keyboard to fit the user and position the wrists in a straight, lower stress position,
  2. a softer, easier on the hands key pressure, and
  3. a compact size that allowed users to get their mouse closer to the body.

These changes can make a huge difference to the worker who types for much of the day. Now Goldtouch has revised their innovative design yet again and the new keyboard, the Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard offers distinctive advantages over the older design and similar keyboards.

New Features and Improvements

  • The appearance of the keyboard has been changed slightly and it features rounder edges, updating the look.
  • The keystroke has been altered and it is softer on the fingers while still offering full travel. As a very fast typist with arthritic hands, I absolutely love the new keystroke feel. My fingers are doing the happy dance.
  • New hot keys update the Goldtouch Keyboard so now it has multimedia keys that have become commonplace on keyboards. Another perk, this keyboard is fully plug n’play so you don’t need to load any drivers for the specialty keys to work.
  • Caps lock, shift and control buttons are smaller now so it’s less likely you’ll hit them by accident.
  • The GTU-0088 is plug n’play compatible with both Windows and Mac. This is a real boon to those who use both operating systems or corporations who want to standardize on one keyboard for all users.
  • Another great feature is that there are now feet on the bottom of the keyboard that allow the user to adjust the slant of the keyboard. Flip the two feet closest to your body and the keyboard is positioned at a negative tilt, the angle most often recommended by ergonomists.
  • Legends for “control” shortcuts like cut, paste, underline and italics are present.

Familiar features such as the easy to use, adjust and lock lever, compact size, embedded keypad and the option to add an external keypad are still present.

The Corporate Buyer is Going to Love the Goldtouch V2 Keyboard

Goldtouch clearly kept the corporate customer in mind when they designed the new Goldtouch V2 Keyboard as they’ve incorporated features that make this a great keyboard to use as a standard and eliminate the need to keep several models on hand to satisfy different users. Among these advantages are:

  • Compatibility with both the MAC and Windows operating systems.
  • User adjustability – use it flat, spread or tented plus it allows users new to an ergonomic keyboard to adjust it gradually to get used to the change.
  • Compact size with embedded keyboard and the option of use of an external keypad.
  • Keyboard feet that set the keyboard at a negative tilt will eliminate the need to spend more on a keyboard tray for many users, especially those with a height adjustable desk who can get the keyboard to the right height but still need the negative tilt.
  • Corporate-wide use of ergonomic keyboards can reduce health care losses and increase worker productivity.

In summary, I have been typing on the new keyboard for several days and I love how it feels and think I may actually be typing faster. I’ve always been fond of the easy adjustment lever and the fact that this keyboard is easily adjustable without needing to buy a kit to set height or splay.

Tell us about your favorite keyboard. Have you tried the new Goldtouch V2 Keyboard? What do you use and why?