An Out-of-the-Box Solution for the Fidgety Kid… Stand-biased Student Desk

As the polar vortex hit Austin TX this week my child and all of her classmates were forced to stay inside without recess.  This two-day confinement resulted in a lot of stored energy!   My daughter asked her teacher if she could stand during a class lesson as she was tired of sitting.  Unfortunately her wish was not granted.  If only the classroom was equipped with a Stand2Learn student desk.

Statistics show that students who spend a large portion of the school day standing rather than sitting have a greater attention span,  greater accuracy, are generally less disruptive, and burn up to 20% more calories than sitting students!  In addition, engagement times have increased 7-15%.


“Using stand/sit student desks in schools is a cost-effective way to increase caloric expenditure in children. As we focus on increasing physical activity and obesity prevention, early research indicates that giving students the opportunity to stand and move more increases their calories used by 17 percent, and more—32 percent—for children who are heavier. Multiplied over days, weeks, and months, these extra calories burned may be a significant step in keeping children at a healthy weight.”
-Source: School Health Branch, CDC

The Stand2Learn desk has much to offer

1.       STUDENT-CENTRIC DESIGNStand_2_learn

  • Gentle contours on the edges and rounded corners coupled with soft bends in the 14 ga. steel tubing ensure safety and comfort for all users.


  • This solid single surface won’t scratch or dent over time. It includes a built-in pencil groove to complement the angled top that enhances reading and writing


  • The round top with waterfall edge and surface texture for grip are coupled with four tubular steel legs that provide easy adjustability over the full range of student sizes


  • The footrest is the key to standing comfort. Our patented design utilizes multiple depths and two heights to support the users feet while sitting and standing. The chrome plating ensures lasting durability and easy maintenance


  • This desk will grow to meet any student or grade level requirement.

Also includes:

  • Accessory slots
  • Large, scratch-resistant work surface
  • Rounded corners and gentle contours for comfort and appearance
  • Numbered and adjustable desk height settings
  • Durable metal base support system
  • Utilization of incline feature
  • Shelf for books, backpacks, etc.
  • Robust metal frame
  • Accommodates all laptop and keyboard sizes
  • Powder-coated steel frame with steel reinforced LDPE desktop


Flexible Room Layout – desks can be configured in a variety of positions














Dr. Mark Benden, associate professor at the EOH Department, School of Rural Public Health at Texas A&M University and Stand2Learn designer, comments “Stand-biased desks give students the maximum flexibility (they choose to sit or stand at will) and allows for the most movement and postural variety when participating in a learning environment”.  Our research has shown that students benefit physically from the improved mobility and engagement that have direct carry-over impacts to their health and academic performance.  Childhood obesity, the loss of play-time and the cancellation of PE are all of great concern to parents and educators. To date, the debate has been more class time vs. more physical activity, now our students can have more physical activity while in the classroom. It’s truly a win-win for everyone!

We are available to provide assistance with any sit to stand desk need.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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