Review of the Aero Laptop Stand… Attach to a Notebook without Altering its Transferability

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The curvature, most likely you are doing it right now as you read this blog! The familiar uncomfortable posture of the head & neck as you are hunched over the laptop whether you are at work, at home or at a coffee shop. For many individuals this common position; albeit painful, may be something that you choose to do because you are unaware of the portable set up. At Ergoprise we always urge the use of a laptop stand (also referred to a notebook holder), external keyboard & external mouse with the use of a laptop.

The most common complaints we hear as to why one doesn’t use a laptop stand are the following:
• Difficult to assemble
• Bulky
• Limited capabilities
• Expensive

The Aero Attachable Laptop Stand addresses all of the above mentioned reasons to use a laptop stand.

Aero Laptop Stand

Attaches to the laptop for total mobility
The Aero connects easily to the bottom of the laptop and stays securely there as long as you want to. It’s there day after day, it becomes one with your laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to. Aero complements so naturally to your laptop as if this ergonomic interface was a built-in component. The stand can also be easily detached in case you need access to the underside of your laptop; then of course, reattached with equal ease.

Aero Laptop Stand



A staggering 2.5mm thickness

We were surprised by just how thin and light Aero is at a mere 1/10″ thickness and 1/3 pound weight.  The Aero is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the strength and stability are the same as of other much bigger and heavier stands (image on the left shown with Aero).

Aero Laptop StandAdapts to multiple sized laptops

3 height adjustments help the user find the best elevation.  Offered in sizes to accommodate a screen size (screen measured horizontally) of 10-13”, 14-15” and 16”-17”.

Affordable & Elegant

Most contemporary stands such as the Bakker Elkhuizen Ergo-Q 260 Ultra-Portable (offered at $159.95) and the Workrite Travelrite Laptop Station (offered at 115.50) are far more expensive.  The Aero is available for only $79.00!

Bottom line, there are no reasons not to have the proper laptop set up when implemented with the Aero.


Should you have questions regarding the setup of a laptop stand or our existing lines please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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