Say Goodbye to your Stadium Seat and Hello to the Mogo Portable Seat

For those who have read my past Ergoprise Blogs know that I have a daughter. This past weekend we had a very hectic schedule, a trumpet recital in the morning followed by a very long outdoor swim meet in the afternoon (shameless plug for the Texas Toros). Needless to say we were running late. As we were driving my daughter reminded me that seating was not provided at the location for the swim meet. I told her not to worry as I had packed my Mogo Portable Seat.

Mogo Portable Seat
Mogo Portable Seat – Goes where you go


This was the first time she was going to see it & try it. So I reframed from telling her how to set it up. I had attached the Mogo to her swim bag. In less than 1 minute she had assembled it and was positioned at her proper height. She found a great shady tree while I on the other hand was lugging snack coolers and sweating in the sun. Soon a swarm of kids surrounded her and I saw my Mogo being passed from kid to kid. Some larger and some smaller than my daughter. Once the parents saw the Mogo the fun really began!

Mogo Compacted Portable Seat
Mogo Portable Seat



So now you are wondering is the Mogo right for me? The answer is an unequitable YES. It has immense versatility. It can be used by multiple people from young to old. I bet the elderly woman who was recently trapped in the elevator would have preferred to sit on the Mogo rather than the young man. It supports up 200 lbs. The base is reversible so it has the ability to be used on soft & hard surfaces, perfect for the weekends when you have to be at the soccer field and in my case swimming pool.   It is extremely portable (includes a red fabric logo bag)! I have many plans for my Mogo this summer in Austin (from concerts to camping trips). But do not let this funky seat fool you, it offers health benefits. It has the ability to provide low intensity physical activity, in a nutshell it allows for movement while you are seated. It can easily be integrated for use in the office or conference room.

Features & Benefits:

  • Weighs only 2.1 pounds
  • Can Accommodate up to 200 weight limit
  • Mogo has three telescoping sections; the first section extends to 27.5″, then the second section allows for smaller one-inch incremental extensions.
  • Made of Extruded annodized aluminum, rubber and fiberglass-reinforced nylon
  • The Mogo is 18″ long when fully retracted. When in use it extends up to 38.”
  • The seat pan detaches and snaps onto the retracted leg for easy portability.

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