It’s Perfectly Acceptable to Sit at Your Standing Desk…A Review of the Soma Hybrid

It’s Perfectly Acceptable to Sit at Your Standing Desk…A Review of the Soma Hybrid

I attended my daughter’s swim meet this past weekend when I overheard a parent on an opposing team make a bold statement.  He said that he wanted to invest in a standing desk but was fearful about the idea of standing all day long.  One becomes very close (literally) when you sit shoulder to shoulder in the bleachers watching your child so I had to introduce myself & my ergonomic company along with a dissertation about standing desks.

I praised the man for his intention to change from a traditional desk but quickly explained that one needs to sit & stand responsibly (consider the function of the chair and type of flooring surface; you may need an anti-fatigue mat).  Now what might work for one person may be different for someone   else.  Nevertheless you want to sensibly sit & stand throughout the day.  So what does this entail?  Start of by standing for a minimum of 15-20 minutes every hour.somahybrid

hybrid2What I am about to say may appear to be an oxymoron, one needs to sit at a standing desk!  As a multi provider of many lines I must admit that I too can become enamored with a product and the Soma Hybrid is one that you will fall for as well.  It effortlessly moves for both seated and standing functions.

The SomaHybrid is very unique since it is a chair, a stool and chest rest (you can sit facing the back of the chair and perform forward tasks).  Its design is for active sit-stand work applications.  You can sit, you can stand, and you can move with the SomaHybrid™ chair and as a result have more energy at the end of your day!  We recently began to implement this chair for one of our global customers in Round Rock TX for their Sit –Stand cubicles.  The personnel are so very happy management is considering standardizing on this highly functional chair for its entire 800 person workforce.

Do not let the distinctive backrest scare you.  

hybrid Soma Back1hybrid Soma Back2  hybrid Soma Back3 hybrid Soma Back4

The backrests were designed to keep shoulder blades free to form a naturally-supported open posture along with substantiation for the low back and mid-back.  The backrests shown in red are intended for low back support which

are generally used by those who perform forward tasks including data entry.  The two remaining images are for the midback which is ideal for people who multitask.

More than a chair, it’s a modular chair system

  • · Available in multiple seat sizes and styles to serve multiple task functions
  • · Meets/exceeds ANSI-HFS Ergonomic Standards
  • · RSI-preventive Thoracic™ backrests
  • · Select from various mechanisms
  • · Large 5-leg base for stability
  • · Recommended by top ergonomists, designers and clinicians
  • · Easy-to-reach adjustments

The SomaHybrid can be ordered with or without armrests.  There are various cylinder lift options.  It can be purchased with or without a chrome footring. The chair can be used in labs as well as industrial locations (demonstrated by a mechanic).






Should you have questions about which chair is best for you with a standing desk please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.  We can help take the guess work out of searching for the solutions that best meet your individual needs.

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