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BACKBONE Posture Cushion

Are you finding yourself  slumped over the computer due to working longer hours so you can leave on a holiday vacation?  Hunched. Slouched. Stooped. It’s surprising that with all the health information we’re bombarded with, awareness for good back care often takes a back seat. Postural neglect is common; for most of us, it’s an everyday occurrence. Sitting habits, in particular, are very difficult to change.

The BACKBONE Posture Cushion is an innovative, compact posture cushion that attaches upright along your spine, between your shoulder blades, directly to your chair or driver’s seat. It’s made of a special dual memory foam insert encased in an environmentally-friendly, cotton canvas cover. It uses a dual strap system to make it easy to carry and attach to most seating systems.


Unlike other cushions on the market that can be large, expensive and awkward, The BACKBONE supports your entire back, reduces fatigue, muscle tension and improves your breathing without restricting movement of your shoulder blades.

It improves your BREATHING by supporting the rib-cage where the ribs attach and lifting the ribcage off your diaphragm for easier air flow into your lungs. Research shows that good posture can improve attention span, decrease fatigue, decrease muscle pain and strain, improve work productivity and even increase longevity of life.

ELONGATION of the your torso helps the neck and shoulders to fall in line with your spine thereby decreasing pressure on the spine, improving nutrition to the muscles and decreasing the muscle fatigue that is all too common for us as we sit in one place too long.

The BACKBONE cushion also provides improved SPINE HEALTH since a better posture helps to align the spinal column, decrease muscle fatigue, decrease back pain and decrease risk of nerve pinches as the nerves exit the spinal column.

Lastly, the cushion helps to improve your core muscle TONE. Unlike other cushions on the market which only support a small area of the back or push us “forward” in a slumped posture, the BACKBONE cushion supports the entire back along the spinal column. As we sit upright and receive feedback about our posture, our core stomach and back muscles will gradually develop the muscle memory to hold us in this improved position even when we’re not using the cushion.

All of these benefits contribute to a body that is at less risk for muscle fatigue, pain, strain and damages that we impose upon ourselves as we sit in poor positions throughout our work day.

Slouched sitting posture (forward flexion). The consensus of biomechanical and clinical research(Hyperkyphotic Posture Predicts Mortality in Older Community-Dwelling Men and Women: A Prospective Study) studies suggests that forward flexion in sitting has long-term detrimental effects, including progressive disc degeneration, increased pressure on the diaphragm making it more difficult to breathe and decreased oxygen and nutrition to the muscles and joints.

Tips To Help Avoid flexed postures while sitting

-Ensure the chair fits well

-Support your upper back so that you can maintain your posture without exerting a lot of effort

-Take frequent breaks to re-establish our neutral position

-Stretch throughout the day


-Ensure your office environment or your driving environment lies within your neutral zone so that you are not constantly over-reaching to function

Please note that within the next week we will also have a smaller travel version of the Backbone.

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