Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 15

Do you ever wonder how uncomfortable a wooden sleigh must feel?  Now think about your current chair.   Retrofit an Aeron chair with this comfy seat cushion. Not only does this specially-designed cushion increase seat comfort, it also reduces instances of clothing fabric pulls. Slips on easily.  Made with environmentally-friendly BioFlex™Hybrid soy-based foam.


The Stratta Seat Cushion is the first foam seat cushion specifically designed to work on the Aeron chair. Fitting snuggly over the seat and requiring no tools for installation; the Stratta Seat Cushion will have you sitting comfortably in under 5 min.


A common complaint about the Aeron chair is the front edging of the chair.  Sometimes it catches the clothing of pants or causes nylons the fray.  Often the chair hits the back of the knee and causes discomfort.  The Stratta Seat cushion is a very inexpensive retrofit option to aid in the comfort of the chair.  The seat cushion has 2″ of high density foam to soften the seat while still allowing your body weight to be evenly distributed over your sitting area. The Stratta Seat Cushion covers the entire seat including the hard plastic edges. Great item if you feel the chair ‘digging’ into your legs or thighs.

Easy to install, slips right over the seat frame and attaches via hook and loop straps to the frame of the chair. No tools, required.

Two sizes to choose from.  The Standard works for seat sizes A&B, Large will fit seat size C.

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