College Ergonomics 101: Ergonomic Study Products for Students under $100

Proper Ergonomic Study Products priced UNDER $100!

It’s that time of year again students!  School session has started and now it is time to prepare for extended hours of studying, paper writing, and classroom notes.  We feel it is important to point out proper ergonomic study habits that will keep you from experiencing pain in the future.  And we have several ergonomic study products that won’t break the bank.

We know that students need to study and most times it’s on the go. So, you need an ergonomic solution that will help you wherever you go. Well, whether it’s in the student lab, library, or in between classes we got you covered! Ergoprise offers many mobile ergonomic solutions for ipads and laptops that can help you study wherever you need to study.

Most times when college students study they forget about their posture and after a while a student’s posture suffers and pain begins to develop. Toward the end of the semester a student may feel soreness in their neck, wrist, or lower back.

Bad Posture = BAD

Proper Posture = AWESOME!

 bad_Ergonomic_Posture  Good_ergonomic_posture

Well Ergoprise is here to help and below are some useful on-the-go products to prevent bad posture and bad ergonomic study habits.

Preventing bad posture doesn’t have to be difficult. Prevent back and neck pain with the Aero attachable laptop stand or use the Oryx evo-D ultra slim laptop stand with integrated document holder.

Aero Attachable Laptop Stand
The aero connects easily to the bottom of the laptop and stays securely there as long as you want to. It’s there day after day, it becomes one with your laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to. aero complements so naturally you laptop as if this ergonomic interface was built into.



Portable Laptop Stand
Oryx Evo-D Ultra Slim Laptop Stand
Oryx evo D is the thinnest and lightest portable laptop and notebook stand currently available.
The Oryx evo-D laptop support redefines the concept of a portable PC. It is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop stands available with an incorporated document holder.



Got an iPad? No problem! Ergoprise can help turn your iPad into an ergonomic study machine! Try the iPad 2&3 UltraErgo Workstation – EP115 or our iPad Case with Built-In Bluetooth! Both

iPad ultraErgo
iPad 2&3 UltraErgo Workstation – EP115
Ergoprise is happy to introduce the first 3 in 1 detachable iPad portfolio that has it’s own stand. Turn your iPad into a mobile ergonomic workstation!

iPad Built_in_Bluetooth
iPad Case with Built-in Bluetooth® Keyboard – Fits iPad, iPad2 & iPad3
iPad case with built-in Bluetooth® Keyboard made to fit iPad and iPad 2. Featuring a silicone, Spill-Proof and Dust-Proof Bluetooth® Keyboard. Ergonomic angle viewing adjustable stand.

Tired of shuffling through your papers to find your iPad? Check out our ergonomic solutions that will keep your tablet in one place while you study on your desk or couch.

iPad Articulating Desk Clamp Mount
Optimal for iPad, iPad2, GPS, Portable DVD, DVB-T TV, Tablet PC / Notebook of 7″ – 14″, and also LCD monitor with optional part.
Comes with Clamp Base that fits on any desk, joints that prevent sliding, easy to install, and Ultra compact folding design.
Universal Tablet Extension Arm ViewStand – ISP701W
The Universal Tablet Extension Arm View Stand is ideal for iPads and most other tablet brands that range from 7” to 10.” This is ideal for reading or working on your iPad or tablet at your desk, chair, couch bed and library.


Well this concludes our College Ergonomics: Ergonomic Study Products for Students under $100. I hope you have found this information useful for your school session. We have many more products available on our website. Or call us, we are here to help.

And finally students, Ergoprise wants to wish all of you a successful & healthy semesterMay the good  grades be with you!

Ergoprise:  is a certified, woman-owned, multi-brand provider of high quality office, mobile, and industrial ergonomic tools located in Austin, Texas. Through our showroom, website, and sales team we offer a broad range of ergonomic products that have been selected to provide individuals with a comfortable working environment that delivers an excellent return on investment.