Ergonomic Gift Suggestion – Day 13 – Mobis Stool

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 13


The Mobis Perching Stool is a breakthrough in ergonomic task seating. It is a dynamic perching stool that keeps your thighs lowered and hips flexible, returning your spine to its healthy S-curve. The Mobis Perching Stool keeps you moving- stimulating circulation, sending oxygen to the brain, and improving concentration.

The Mobis Perching Stool’s smart, space-saving design encourages spontaneous collaboration. Is both informal and stylish- a thoroughly modern take on the office chair. Can also be used in Laboratory Environments & Retail Settings too!




Features/Tech Specs:

The Mobis Seat leg moves 10 degrees laterally and 12 degrees forward- inspiring constant micromovements throughout the day. This dynamic motion keeps your leg muscles engaged and your core muscles activated, so you are healthy, energized, and productive all day long. Best part- Mobis moves with you so keeping active is effortless

The seat fits users ranging in height from 4’11” to 6’8″.

The seat pan is designed to comfortably cradle your bottom. The seat’s durable, easy-to-clean cushion provides the optimal level of support, reducing pressure points.

Height Adjustability: 25” to 35”

Weight Rating: 300 lbs.

Don’t forget to pair it with the Focal Foot Rest for An even greater Experience!

Should you have any questions regarding the Focal Foot Rest feel free to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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