Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 14


Give the Ergonomic Gift of Style and Stay within your budget with the S2S Height Adjustable Desk – with Environmentally Friendly  Bamboo Table TopWhy Choose Bamboo?  A bamboo tabletop offers versatility along with distinct beauty. The understated grains and colors of the tabletop will never go out of style! The desk top is extremely durable.  This particular bamboo is made from Optimum 5.5® Moso (Phyllostachys pubescens).  It has been sustainably harvested at a level of maturity between 5½ and 6 years for maximum stability and hardness. The end result, our bamboo desktop is 25% harder than oak and 12% harder than maple. In particular or Stand tabletop is comprised of Xcora™ technology which is 154% harder than red oak, for superior sturdiness.  The tops can be ordered in a vast selection of colors and sizes.

S2S Height Adjustable Telescoping Ergonomic Desk

S2S Desk Details:

The S2S Electric Height (23”-49”) & Width (42.25”-74”) Adjustable Desk with Bamboo Surface by Ergoprise (S2S-100-B) is a truly distinctive sit–to-stand desk.  The under-top support beam is width adjustable; its telescoping frame gives you the freedom to change tabletop sizes without having to buy a new base!  There’s no crossbeam to interfere with knee clearance or gear and expands from 42.25” to 74”wide.  Only one base size to be considered with the use of multiple sized tops.   This is a very affordable component since most desks lines require the purchase of entire new desk if the space needs change.  The S2S Height & Width Adjustable Desk with Bamboo Surface is equipped with 2 durable legs (offered in charcoal gray or black) are powder coated which aid with scratch resistance.  With its dual electric motors (one per leg), this 3 stage system allows the desk to silently rise from a mere height of 23” to 49”.  The desk offers a 335 lbs.(tested at 400lbs) lifting capacity.  Lastly, the desk is equipped (as a standard not an upgrade), withaprogrammable memory – 4 presets with digital LED height readout (quick touch presets – no need to hold the buttons down as with other desk lines).


Bamboo Table Top Options:

 Brindle  carmelized  java  natural_vertical_grain

Brindle Bamboo

Caramelized Vertical


Natural Vertical Grain


S2S  Telescoping Base Shown in various positions (42.25” wide & 74” wide)

base_s2s_legs expanded_s2s_base_ergonomic_legs





Videos from Satisfied S2S Clients:


We are available to provide assistance with any gift giving need on your holiday list.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

Ergoprise:  is a certified, woman-owned, multi-brand provider of high quality office, mobile, and industrial ergonomic tools located in Austin, Texas. Through our showroom, website, and sales team we offer a broad range of ergonomic products that have been selected to provide individuals with a comfortable working environment that delivers an excellent return on investment.

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