Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 10

Spring into Good Health with our ergonomic gift idea this Holiday Season, the Special Edition Swopper.  This unique yet fun stool that will add a little fun to your workday, all the while keeping you moving which helps keep you alert, strengthens your core muscles, and promotes blood flow.

The Swopper Chair


The Swopper stool’s function is built around the sound principle that a healthy seating position goes hand in hand with body movement and that a static seating position is just not conducive to the long term health of your body when seated for any length of time.  The Swopper is essentially a flexible, active office seat that allows the user to move healthily in a three dimensional way, including side to side, back and front and even bounce up or down.

The design of this ergonomic stool is well thought out and extremely stable in use, despite the wide range of positional variations that a Swopper ergonomic stool encourages the user to adopt.  When seated you will be able to lean in any direction you care to as the Swopper allows you to safely move in pretty much any direction, at the same time encouraging an excellent postural and healthy sitting position.


Special Edition Swopper Chair Features:

  • Tension adjustable spring improves your posture and helps stabilize your spine.
  • Exercise at work use of the Swopper helps strengthen and condition your back and abdomen. Yes, you’ll burn a few more calories too!
  • Improves lympatic flow – helping your body cleanse itself naturally
  • Spring color matches seat – red and blue Special Edition Swopper have matching colored springs – More fun for your day!
  • Lightweight – the Swopper is easily moved from room to room so you can Swop anywhere
  • Anthracite base finish- is a rich charcoal color
  • Luxurious Ultraseude – in four colors, black, red, blue, or gray
  • An optional backrest can be purchased or retrofitted at a later date
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Via Seating Warranty Information

The Swopper Colors

Special Edition Swopper Specifications:

Height range: 22″ – 27.5″
Seat diameter: 16″”
Base width: 21.5″
Weight capacity: 290 lbs.
Chair weight: 23 lbs.


We are available to provide assistance with any gift giving need on your holiday list.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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