Essential Ergonomic Furniture for the Dorm – Part Three

Other than missing family members & the pet, your college bound child is going to really miss their bed! Most dorms have limited space especially when it comes to the sleeping quarters. Your student most likely will be reading or working in bed. So help him/her with ergonomic tools from Ergoprise to provide comfort when the bed doubles as a desk.

Unsupported and Flat
Unsupported and Flat
Properly Positioned
Properly Positioned










Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack

Students can suffer from a host of lower-back problems including fatigue, herniated or bulging discs, muscle spasms, stiffness, strain, tension and every day stress. The Ergoprise Angle Body System is offered in 2 sizes (small & large).

  • Positions legs at the correct angle to lesson lower-back pain
  • Supports the spine to diminish pressure on muscles and discs
  • Reduces discomfort for herniated or bulging discs, edema, respiratory problems and sciatica.
  • Eases aching muscles and improves circulation
  • Provides ultimate comfort while reclining or sleeping


Universal Tablet Extension Arm ViewStand – ISP701W

The Universal Tablet Extension Arm View Stand is ideal for iPads and most other tablet brands that range from 7” to 10.” This is ideal for reading or working on your iPad or tablet at your desk, chair or bed.


Ergonomic hand-free design offers relax viewing and computing

Viewing angle adjustments

Strong spring bracket adjusts from 6.18”~7.50”

Easy to detach and assemble

Stable weighted base with height adjustable pole from 33.7” to 48.7” and arm extends 13.8”


Eye strain is becoming more prevalent in younger individuals due to the constant use of smartphones, tablets & notebooks. Most dorm rooms have virtually no natural light. Your child is going to be up late so help your student with by investing in an appropriate task light and avoid eye troubles.


Pixie Mimi LED Task Light

Small, energy efficient, personal desk lamp that will light up your work without taking up a lot of space or using much energy. LED light is easy on the eyes and wallet.

Bendable arm lets you direct light where you want it.

1 LED bulb uses only 3W of electricity and will last for many years.

Provides directional light lights only where you want it to.

Emits virtually no heat LED lights are safe to touch and won’t warm up your area.

Detachable cord makes it easy to move lamp without cord hassle


Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light


Humanscale Element 790 LED Task Light

Minimizes the shadows many LED lamps cast, minimizes energy use, and will last longer than many of its competitors.

Internal counterbalance – provides for smooth, fingertip adjustments

Heat dispersing design – keeps it cool to the touch and enhances the aesthetics of the Element Light

Unique replaceable head – for easy onsite repairs

Folds up when not in use – reclaim your desk space

Dimmer switch – select from one of seven light settings

Finish choices – silver, or white with silver accents

To help defray the costs of higher education, Ergoprise wishes to offer a special discount on these or other items listed on or website. To receive the special discount, enter the code dorm5 in the Coupon Code Section on the checkout page. This code will be valid until September 30, 2014. This code cannot be used with other offers.

Should you have questions about which dorm room furniture please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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