Essential Ergonomic Furniture for the Dorm – Part Two

Bad_PostureIs your college bound child a pain in the neck? Maybe it is a result of improper head & neck positions while using a tablet or a laptop.

From Laptops to iPads & Tablets, technology is forever changing the way we learn and work. Unfortunately these devices will cause neck discomfort due to repetitive usage. It is all about positioning. Ideally we want everyone to use an external keyboard, mouse (wired or wireless) and laptopstand at all times. Since it is important not to distort your hands & wrists while typing on the unit. Do these images below portray your child? Please review this very poignant study entitled Oh My Aching Laptop.



Here are a few of our favorites that we use (in our office & home offices & when we travel) which makes it ideal for your college student to be used in the dorm, classroom or computer lab.


Oryx evo D – a truly slim laptop stand

The Oryx evo laptop stand combines the best of design, innovation and user experience. It weighs as little as 7.7oz and folds flat to a mere 2.5 mm easily fitting into any bag. The Oryx evo D laptop stand’s incorporated document  holder allows you to place a document or a book in an ergonomic reading position. The 4 available height adjustments make the Oryx evo laptop stand a real ergonomic helper.



UltraErgo Adjustable Wired Keyboard

This keyboard has tremendous functionality. Do not be intimidated by the image. You can use this keyboard flat & connected as a traditional keyboard. The beauty of this keyboard allows it to be placed where it is best for the user! The split keyboard and 3 height adjustments offers more range for finding your proper ergonomic typing position. We are happy to help you determine the most natural placement for the individual. It is also available in UEKB-RF Wireless. It is a compact keyboard is 12″ x 6″x 0.48”(as the numeric keypad has been omitted) that will not take up space on a desk or in a backpack.

10 Position Ambidextrous Oyster Mouse10 Position Ambidextrous Oyster Mouse

You can instantly adjust the mouse to 5 different angles to intuitively find the best posture for you. Changing your wrist posture now and then helps you prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) and most wrist discomfort such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). The mouse is ambidextrous, to change to the opposite hand simply move the switch on the underside of the mouse. The mouse is available in Standard Wireless 5081-RF, Large Wired 5082 & 5082-RF Large Wireless


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