Ergo Goes Prime Time: Oh My Aching Feet

Ergo Goes Prime Time: Oh My Aching Feet

I recently watched a past episode of The Office a sitcom on NBC. In this particular event the
character Dwight Shrute demonstrated (working at a height adjustable desk) as well as depicted
factual information on the benefits of standing while working.

This Will Not Stand.

As the owner of an ergonomics company, I was quite amazed and pleasantly surprised that the topic
of a Height Adjustable Desk was being showcased. I use a height adjustable desk (as well as my office
colleagues) and evangelize the benefits to everyone. As the program continued the actor began to
complain that his legs and feet were hurting due to the fact he did not want to sit down. Since he
was not utilizing a drafting stool; I began to yell at the television in hopes that my words could be
heard, “Dwight what about an anti-fatigue mat”?

When we assist individuals with the recommendations of height adjustable desks, I always ask about
the flooring. Usually the reply is “I have carpet”. I then proceed to inquire about the thickness of the
carpet. Most of the time carpeted areas, especially in an office setting has little to no padding. If you
have hardwood floor, tile or concrete flooring, you know how uncomfortable it is stand upon even for
short periods of time. Wearing a pair of well padded sneakers or crocs should reduce or eliminate pain
in your shins, ankles or heels while standing. I personally do not were these types of footwear to work.
When I telework I am barefoot. My home office (equipped with a height adjustable desk) has 24” tile so
I am a strong supporter of using an anti-fatigue mat while standing.

Whether you stand all day or part of the day, a soft anti-fatigue mat is going to add significantly to the
comfort of your feet and back. Most mats are designed for industrial settings and don’t look attractive
in an office settings. The office floor mats that we carry are as attractive as they are comfortable.
Anti-fatigue mats are perfect companion for sit/stand offices. However do not rule out its usage for
reception counters, mail and copy rooms.

We are proud to carry the Rhino line of anti-fatigue mats. They are available in several styles such as the
rich look of hardwood floors or carpeted versions. They are incredibly soft, resilient and offer rebound
properties required in a rigorous environment. I personally recommend the 7/8” thickness. These mats
are offered in many sizes and can be produced in custom lengths. The line is produced in the US and has
a quick turn around time.

Dwight, I applaud your efforts for utilizing a height adjustable desk. However, please consider using an
anti-fatigue mat with your workstation. Your body will thank you!

If you would like to know more about Height Adjustable Desks, Browse our online store to find a desk that suits your needs.