An Ergonomic Review of the OysterMouse

An Ergonomic Review of the OysterMouse

By Josh Kerst, CPE, CIE

The goal of any really good ergonomic product design is to intuitively meet a user ‘s needs and the OysterMouse by Ergoption has taken this to a new level. This ingenious little device supports up to 5 separate wrist positions with their ratcheting clamshell hinge design and also seamlessly interchanges between right and left handed use with a switch.

My User Experience

I started putting the OysterMouse through its paces about six weeks ago and tested it throughout the full range of different angles. My workstation platform includes an angle adjustable Focal Upright standing desk and leaning seat and through trial and error I found that varying my mouse between positions three and four was the most comfortable (see photo). These positions supported between 60 to 75 degrees of pronation and mirrored my natural handshake. I appreciate the natural feel and surprising sturdiness of the OysterMouse and value how easy it is to fine-tune the user’s upper extremity positions to meet a variety of workstation setup needs.


Setup was pretty simple as this portable mouse charges through a retractable USB cable connected to your computer. The top of the OysterMouse has a clickable scroll wheel, which is feature I love when working with multiple browser tabs. There are left click and right click buttons like a normal mouse would have, but what is unique about this design is there is a second set of buttons at the rear of the mouse, so it can be used either in left handed or right handed mode.

In summary, most good ergonomists will tell you that the best ergonomic position is always your next one and this mouse helps make that a reality. The OysterMouse gets an overall “thumbs-up” rating (pun intended) from this ergonomist and my only criticism was lack or programmability for the buttons to tailor the whole experience. If you are in the market for a good ergonomic mouse you will definitely want to give this mouse a try.

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