A Review & Comparison of Three Great Monitor Arms

Compare the Humanscale M2, EVO II and ESI Edge Monitor Arms

Mounting your flat panel monitor on an easy to use, articulating monitor arm is almost a must if you want to get the screen set to the perfect height for comfortable viewing. In addition to adding positioning flexibility, the use of a monitor mount frees up useful desk space which can be all to important when office space becomes a premium and desks are smaller.

Choosing the right arm can be a challenge when you can’t touch and feel it in advance, and when all apparent key factors appear to be similar. This monitor arm review will compare three popular and lower-priced monitor arms: the Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm, the ESI Ergo Edge Monitor Arm and the Innovative EVO II Monitor Arm. All three come from well-respected ergonomics manufacturers.

Update: We have recently reviewed two more great arms in this price range that deserve your consideration.  Read that review – Two More Great Low-Priced Monitor Arms here. 

The nuts and bolts comparison:

Monitor Arm Height Range Max Height Depth Range Max LCD Weight Price
Humanscale M2 10″ 18.21″ 20″ 20 lbs $239.00
ESI Ergo Edge 13″ 19.5″ 21.5″ 17.6 lbs $191.40
Innovative EVO II 10.2″ 20.1″ 18.6″ 20 lbs $143.00


As you can see, they are very close in specifications, but there can be more to Compare the Humanscale M2, EVO II and ESI Edge Monitor Arms
the decision than just numbers.How different is using each one? I have the benefit of having the three side-by-side in my showroom. As you can see, all are sleek in design and actually look very similar. Finish choices exist. Only the M2 is available in black. All three include a quick release mount which makes installing your monitor faster and safer for your monitor. Cable management is also very similar.

The EVO II and the Edge each come with a mount that works equally well in several ways.

  • The EVO II arm can be mounted with the clamp, a grommet hole or bolted-through the desk surface.
  • The ESI Edge mounts with either the clamp or through a grommet hole.
  • The M2 only comes with one mount, but you can choose whether you want a clamp, bolt-through, slatwall or hardwall mount.

How do they feel? There’s no question that the ESI Ergonomics Edge Arm is the most fluid of the three. It has a solid feel to it and the tension is easy to adjust. The Innovative EVO II arm is the least fluid of the three and requires a bit more tweaking to get the tension balanced right, however it is the least expensive of the three. Of the three, only the ESI Edge can later be converted to a dual monitor arm.

I’m not going to conclude with which one I think is the best as personal criteria will make that a different choice for each one of you. Which one would you choose and why?