10 Key or Not to 10 Key….That Is the Question

10 Key or Not to 10 Key….That Is the Question

I wonder if William Shakespeare were alive today would he use a traditional keyboard with a 10 key (also referred as a numeric keypad).  The majority of the population is right handed.  On numerous keyboards; the individual has to reach great distances, in order to grasp the mouse.  Over time this can lead to shoulder, arm and wrist discomfort.

I personally have a very difficult time seeing how many keyboards are equipped with a 10 key.  In our ergonomic practice, ironically we usually see petite individuals perform their job on a very large curved keyboard with keypad.

I realize there is a need for people to use a 10 key especially for the areas of finance & for those who rely heavily on spreadsheets.  Thankfully there are alternatives that we will review below.  All of the combinations can work on a keyboard tray, which we strongly encourage.  Four of the five listings are compact, which is perfect companion while traveling on business.

The Bakker Elkhuizen S-board 840 Compact Ergonomic Keyboard & Numeric Keypad.

The S-Board 840 Compact Multimedia Keyboard is an undersized, comfortable keyboard that reduces the distance a user has to extend for utilizing the mouse and allows a more comfortable body posture. The S-board is appropriate for desktop and laptop users (including mobile computing), It is equipped with 12 multimedia keys (Open, Save, Print, Cut, Copy, Paste, Play/Pause, Stop, Mute, Home, My Favorite, and Email) and 2 USB ports (USB hub).   The Numeric Key Pad can be used as hand-held calculator.
It has an extendable USB cable.  It offers comfortable typing (shear mechanism instead of membranes).  It has a USB connection and there are 26 different keys on one number pad.

Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard

The Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard was designed with the modern computer user in mind.  It places the numeric keypad on the left side of the keyboard, allowing your mouse to be placed in a closer, ergonomically correct position. Light weight and portable, the Evoluent ergonomic keyboard lets you work comfortably in just about any environment. Numeric keypad is on the left – reduces stretching of your arm since mouse can now be places closer to the keyboard.  Keeps right hand on mouse – left hand can operate arrow, del, enter, page up, page down and other numeric keypad keys.  Extra delete key – placed at left end of the space key Hot keys- offer one-touch access to heavily used features such as volume control, internet, email, power off and other functions.  PC and Mac compatible.

Posturite Number Slide Arch Keyboard       


The Posturite Number Slide Arch 9820000 Keyboard helps to save valuable desk space and gets your mouse closer to your body preventing painful reaching.  It features a slide out full numeric keyboard that slides back into the keyboard when not in use. The Number Slide Arch is an exceptional, compact keyboard for the kind of environment where space is limited.

Retractable numeric keyboard – slides out when needed and pushes back in when not in use.  Stays attached to the keyboard so you won’t misplace it.

Extra USB port in rear – lets you connect other devices such as a mouse, cell phone or jump drive Multimedia Functions – offer fast access to your entertainment.  Roller bar underneath space bar – instant and easy access to scrolling without relying on your mouse for a scroll wheel.

Double enter/return keys.

Goldtouch Adjustable Keyboard and  Goldtouch Numeric Keypad             
The new and greatly improved V2 Goldtouch Split Ergonomic Keyboard GTN-0099 offers further comfort and adjustability for the end user. Adjustable splaylets the user set the angle from 0 – 30 degrees in the horizontal or vertical plane. Enhanced Keys – redesigned key structure to reduce typing errors. Keys that have been redesigned are: Caps Lock, Shift, and Ctrl. Soft touch – Keys are soft and quiet to the touch. Hot Key Functionality – user friendly hot keys are supported by your operating system and don’t require additional driver installation. Adjustable Height – adjustable feet on the back of the keyboard offers the user the option of positioning the keyboard in a negative sloping angle to better enhance ergonomic comfort. Compact size – is great for tight spaces but also allows the mouse to be placed closer in the neutral zone.  22 Keys including basic calculator functions: + – * / = , memory storage, recall and clear plus additional tab, back space and esc function keys 2 USB ports for use with low power devices such as mice or memory sticks (do not plug your Goldtouch Keyboard into these ports)  Audible tactile feedback keys click when depressed for touch typists Long life keyswitches – expected life is 20 million cycles.

ErgoTight Compact Keyboard & Numeric Keypad

Light weight keyboard and number pad combination – use in the layout that suits you. Numeric keyboard can be used on either side or centrally located if required. Wireless – no cable tangles or wasted space. Same key size as standard keyboard. Soft tactile feel. One dongle communicates with keyboard and number pad

Should you have questions about keyboards & keypads please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, info@ergoprise.com or via live chat.  We can help take the guess work out of searching for keyboards & keypads that meet your requirements.


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