A Body in Motion…Review of the Varier Move Stool

Think back to middle school science and remember Newton’s law of motion, now fast forward and look at your posture in a traditional chair (all be it a task chair or a chair at home).  It is sometimes difficult to conceptualize and visualize yourself being seated in a stool.  The 1st thing that comes time mind is how can I sit in that?  The answer, be objective and consider a stool that allows movement.


Varier_Stool_Red Varier_Stool_Blue varier_Green varier



If you are not familiar with a backless seat, do not be hesitant to try it out. The stool positions the body to be in proper alignment, much more than you would expect. It is extremely easy to assemble. It is light & portable so it can conceivably be transported from home to office. It is comfortable and stylish. Great for kids and adults.

Varier Move Stool Features:

  • 360° of movement – supports the back and spine in any position and features unlimited ways to sit comfortably
  • Graded disk base – creates a tilting angle that organically follows your body throughout any movement
  • Environmentally conscious – wood is harvested from sustainable forests, oak and beech words are native to Europe and walnut is harvested in the USA
  • Promotes “active sitting” – boosts energy, increases concentration, and improves circulation and oxygen consumption
  • Adjustable height – 3 different adjustable pneumatic lift height   options
  • Large comfy seat – Polyurethane foam cushion saddle seat is designed for all day comfort and support
  • 7 year on wooden parts, 5 year on mechanisms, 3 year on foams & upholstery warranty.



Varier Move Stool Specifications:

Height Dimensions: Low: 19.3″-26.8″, Standard: 22″-32.3″, High: 25.6″-34.3″
Options:  optional rubber sole
Frame: Natural Beechwood
Upholstery: Black Fame Fabric: 90% wool, 10% polyamide
Weight: 14 lbs

We are available to provide assistance with any Varier product offering. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, info@ergoprise.com or via live chat.

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