Two More Great Lower-Priced Monitor Arms


Two More Great Lower-Priced Monitor Arms

A couple of months ago I wrote about three really great, low-priced monitor arms in A Review & Comparison of Three Great Monitor Arms. Recently two more terrific monitor mounts have entered the market and are worthy rivals, the Chief Kontour K1D100 and the Tru Larkspur S100. Given the intent of the original article was to give readers information that helps them make a great purchase, these two beauties need to be in the comparison.Tru S100 versus Chief Kontour

I will start by saying that all five arms (the two in this articles plus the three in the prior) are great arms and if they weren’t compared, any would likely please the owner provided they have the range of adjustment and weight range required. Fortunately, you the reader get to compare the five and find the best fit for your needs. At the end of this article, I’ll summarize all five monitor mounts.

The Nuts and Bolts for the Tru S100 and Kontour K1D100

  • Both monitor arms offer easy, fingertip adjustment so you can grab your monitor and reposition it at will without needing to make any adjustments at the post.
  • Both offer quick release mounts which make mounting your monitor easy and much safer than having to try to screw the mount into your monitor while trying to support its weight.
  • Both monitors allow the user to install and tighten the desk clamp from above the desk. It is very nice to not have to crawl under a desk and try balancing an arm while tightening the clamp.
  • Internal cable management keeps cables neatly out-of-the-way and out of sight.
  • The Chief Kontour K1D100 offers an extremely wide tilt range that is perfect for tablet users.
  • Both arms are available in black or silver.
  • Mounting Options: The Kontour K1D100 comes with a desk clamp, grommet kit is optional. The Tru Larkspur includes both a grommet and desk clamp.
  • The Tru Larkspur S100 offers an extended reach of 24″ which makes it a great, low-cost option for corner installations or anywhere extra depth is important.
  • The Chief Kontour offers a greater weight capacity and will hold monitors up to 30″.

Specification Comparison of all Five Monitor Arms

Monitor Arm Height Range Max Height Depth Range Max LCD Weight Price
Humanscale M2 10″ 18.21″ 20″ 20 lbs $239.00
ESI Ergo Edge 13″ 19.5″ 21.5″ 17.6 lbs $191.40
Innovative EVO II 10.2″ 20.1″ 18.6″ 20 lbs $143.00
Tru Larkspur S100 14.37″ 20.5″ 24″ 23 lbs $149.00
Chief Kontour K1D100 13″ 21.2 19.9″ 25 lbs $169.95

Five great low-priced monitor arms for the Chief Kontour, Innovative EVO II, ESI Ergo Edge, Tru Larkspur S100 and Humanscale M2 Monitor armsAs these two articles have suggested, all of these monitor arms are great monitor arms and the trend towards lower prices within the monitor arm industry is allowing more people to position their monitors at the optimum viewing position. All of these arms are well-built and offer no less than a ten-year warranty. This comparison was done on the single monitor models but all but the Humanscale M2 are also available in dual configurations if you have two monitors, and the Chief Kontour offers a laptop mount option.

Which will you choose? Need help deciding, give the monitor arm experts at Ergoprise a call.

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