Linea Standup Workstation-ergonomic
Ergonomic Desk

Review of the Linea Standup Workstation

Introducing the Linea Standup Workstation For those who have limited space yet want the benefits of a Standing Desk, we wish to review the Linea Standup Workstation. This is a […]

Ergonomic Black Friday Deal
Ergonomic Desk

Ergonomic Black Friday Starts early at Ergoprise!

Ergonomic Black Friday starts early at Ergoprise. We are now offering our steal deal today! From Thanksgiving till December 1st we are offering $500 off our Bamboo Uprise Desks! Just […]

S2s Height Adjustable Desk
Ergonomic Desk

Sitting Disease: Stand up for your health

Sitting for long periods of time can cause serious health risks. A majority of people sit most of their hours in the workplace. Isn’t it time to start working differently? […]

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