Introducing The Most Versatile Standing Height Adjustable Desk Line

Ergoprise Introduces their S2S Height Adjustable Desk Line Leading Ergonomic Office Furniture Supplier, Ergoprise, is proud to announce the most versatile height adjustable desk line on the market: The S2S […]

Everything You Need to Know About Standing Desks

Everything You Need to Know About Standing Desks From numerous health articles to evening news casts we know that a sedentary seated lifestyle is terribly harmful for your health.  Researchers […]

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Health Conscience Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day

Health Conscience Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day Alright it’s that time to purchase a gift for dear old dad.  Now we all have at some time realized buying a gift […]

LifeSpan All Day Use Treadmill w/ S2S Height Adjustable Desk
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Stand Up For Your Health & Burn Calories At The Same Time

It’s early January and by now you most likely have seen the increased number of commercials for weight loss.  Now counting calories is important; but if movement is not incorporated […]

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Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 10

S2S Height Adjustable Desk – Ergonomic Gift Idea Day 10 Outfit Santa’s workforce from the very petite to the very tall with 1 Electric Height Adjustable Desk!  The desk debuted at […]

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The Holidays are here, your 2012 Ergonomic Gift Guide

Its official the holidays are upon us!  I grew up on the east coast and we would never think of holiday gift shopping until the Thanksgiving decorations were stowed back […]

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