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The Holidays are here, your 2012 Ergonomic Gift Guide

Its official the holidays are upon us!  I grew up on the east coast and we would never think of holiday gift shopping until the Thanksgiving decorations were stowed back in the attic.  Now the fun begins, let Ergoprise help

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If You Work from Home, Make Sure You Have the Proper Setup

Telecommuting also referred to as telework, remote work, flex-work is an alternative work arrangement for employees.   It offers individuals the option to work at home or at an alternative worksite one or more days per week through the use of

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The New Humanscale Float Sit to Stand Table: Height Adjustable without Electricity

As the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali poised the expression “float like a butterfly”; Humanscale the distinguished ergonomics designer and manufacturer has developed a sit to stand table offering its presence as a fierce contender amongst desk producers. Good things come

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Ergo Goes Prime Time: Oh My Aching Feet

I recently watched a past episode of The Office a sitcom on NBC. In this particular event the character Dwight Shrute demonstrated (working at a height adjustable desk) as well as depicted factual information on the benefits of standing while

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An Easy Way to Fight Obesity & Back Pain at Work

Who doesn’t want to lose weight without having to make an extreme effort? How many people do you know that have back pain or wish to prevent it while working at a desks for eight hours a day? It turns

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Articulating iPad or Tablet Arm


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