Focal Pivot Active Leaning Seat
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Focal Upright’s Newest Active Seat to Debut at SXSW

Get ready Austin it is only a mere 2 days and SXSW 2016 will commence! This year the acclaimed line of Focal Upright Furniture will debut the newest seat called […]

Ergonomic Chairs

Visit Focal Upright’s POP UP SHOP at Neo-Con this June

Can’t make it to Neo-Con this year? No worries! Ergoprise has the Focal Upright product line in our showroom. This year, instead of exhibiting in the traditional Neo-Con furniture trade show, […]

Ergonomic Office

Ergoprise will be joining Focal Upright at SXSW

Ergoprise will be joining Focal Upright Furniture at the upcoming SXSW on March 15th & 16th at Booth #445. Discover the award-winning Focal Workstation, an ergonomic standing desk and seat […]

Ergonomic Chairs

Active Sitting, is this an Oxymoron?

Active Sitting, is this an Oxymoron? The Washington Post wrote a very interesting article entitled “The Health Hazards of Sitting”. Once you read this commentary you might want to divorce […]

Confluence Photo 14
Ergonomic Desk

Introducing the Confluence Standing Table. Look forward to conference meetings again!

The dreaded meeting reminder has popped up, your phone is telling you it’s time for the meeting. As you slowly walk towards the conference room, your heart sinks and you […]

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Essential Ergonomic Furniture for the Dorm

In just a few weeks many families will be sending their beloved child off to college. Now I have a few years before my tween is ready to leave the […]

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