Ergonomic Desk

Exxon Health & Safety Fair

Ergoprise wishes to thank the management team at Exxon Headquarters for recently hosting the Exxon Health & Safety Fair at Irving Texas. Ergoprise was honored to be asked to showcase […]

Ergonomic Office

Ergoprise will be joining Focal Upright at SXSW

Ergoprise will be joining Focal Upright Furniture at the upcoming SXSW on March 15th & 16th at Booth #445. Discover the award-winning Focal Workstation, an ergonomic standing desk and seat […]

The Changing Workplace – Office Designs and Ergonomics 2014

Everyday the way we work is changing which means our working environment will also need to change. Ergonomics are growing in importance more every day and so is the workplace […]

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