Stand Up For Your Health & Burn Calories At The Same Time

LifeSpan All Day Use Treadmill w/ S2S Height Adjustable Desk

It’s early January and by now you most likely have seen the increased number of commercials for weight loss.  Now counting calories is important; but if movement is not incorporated into your daily life, you are substantially decreasing your metabolic rate.

Now before you go out a purchase a membership to a pricey gym (which most people will stop visiting within weeks of joining) consider the use of a Sit to Stand Desk which offers simple ways to rev up your metabolic rate at work or your home office.  At Ergoprise we offer a variety of height adjustable desks.  According to Mark Benden, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health at Texas A&M’s Health Science Center, “standing more is the single healthiest change most office works can make,” you burn 20 percent to 25 percent more calories versus sitting, and it can improve your posture.  Dr. Benden has documented his research that standing two hours a day can result in a 20 pound weight loss over a year’s time. How’s that for losing some extra flab without finding time or exerting the effort of a gym?  Please view this free whitepaper that offers research summaries of how to use standing to reduce healthcare costs and improve worker productivity.

S2S Bamboo

What we love about S2S Electric Height & Width Adjustable Desks is the amazing quality at an extremely affordable rate! What makes the line so unique is the fact the base has telescoping properties.  This means that the base can go from 48”-78” in width.  If the space requirements change the individual only needs to purchase a new top as opposing to buying an entire new desk.  This feature makes it quite green both from an environmental & financial perspective.  Other components include as a standard (this in an upgrade on other desks) a digital programmable readout with 4 presets.  Height adjustment from 22” to 50” (including the desktop).  The desk has a dual motor, 3 stage leg and moves effortlessly.  The desk can be purchased as base only, base with standard laminate or base with aluminum or bamboo top (both are particularly gorgeous).

TR800-DT3 Standing Desk Treadmill.On a recent episode of NBC’s RockCenter, Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic stated, “sitting isn’t pretty. The body’s metabolic engines go to sleep. The muscles stop moving all together and the heart slows. Then, the body’s calorie-burning rate plummets to about one calorie per minute — a third of what it would be if you were walking.  Insulin effectiveness drops and the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes rises.  Fat and cholesterol levels rise too”.   Dr. Levine not only promotes the use of a treadmill at the desk, he personally uses one in his office.  An average walking speed set at 1.0 MPH at 0 degrees incline at a treadmill desk will burn 2.6 calories per minute or 156 cal/hr.  Just think about the ease of calorie burn at 2.0 to 3.0!

Get a jump start on an exercise resolution with the TR800-DT3 Standing Desk Treadmill.  This is a walking treadmill and console that works with most standing desksThe compact console sits on your desktop and gives you easy access to the control buttons and workout readouts without getting in the way of your work. The LED digital display shows steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance travelled and walking belt speed. In addition, this new console is Bluetooth-enabled so you can connect wirelessly to your Windows or OS X computer to automatically track results while you exercise. Once you’re done walking, sync your data with your LifeSpan Fitness Club account to retain your exercise history online. The console also comes with one USB port for charging portable devices.

Works With Your Existing Desk                                                                                                

The TR800-DT3 is designed to work with most standing desks. You choose the desk that is right for you and pair it with our treadmill and console. You pick the standing desk whether it has a larger desk surface, is taller or has special features, you can turn your desk into a walking desk simply and easily.

Well Designed ConsoleTR800-DT3 Console

The small contemporary design console is 12.9” long by 2” tall by 3.25” wide and sits on your desktop and is small enough to not get in the way of your work. The digital LED display shows steps taken, walking time, calories burned, distance traveled and walking belt speed. The weighted console has a safety key that shuts down the treadmill when removed.

TR800-DT3 BluetoothBluetooth

The TR800-DT3 is Bluetooth-enabled to wirelessly sync your data to your computer and share with a specially designed app that sits on your computer desktop. Track your steps taken, walking time, calories burned distance traveled all on your computer screen as you walk. Once complete, sync your data with your online LifeSpan Fitness Club account to retain your walking history.

USB Charging PortTR800-DT3 Charging Port

The TR800-DT3 comes with one rear USB port for charging portable devices. Charge your iPod, cell phone or other USB device right on your desktop.

TR800-DT3 Intelli-GuardIntelli-Guard and Intelli-Step

The TR800-DT3 comes standard with two of LifeSpan trademarked technologies: The built-in Intelli-Guard™ automatically stops the belt if you step off during your walk for added safety and is a major development in protecting treadmill users and those around them. With the Intelli-Guard™, you no longer have to worry about leaving your treadmill running if you have to step off to take a call. When your foot no longer continuously strikes the belt surface for 20 seconds, your treadmill will automatically pause.  Intelli-Step™ counts and records the number of steps you take and displays them on the console. More accurate than a pedometer, Intelli-Step automatically detects the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt.

For the ultimate Sit Stand & Move Solution, we recommend the combination of both the S2S Desk with the Life Span Treadmill with the models choices of the Premier S2S Height Adjustable Desk & Treadmill, the All Day Use Treadmill w/ S2S Height Adjustable Desk, and the S2S Economical Treadmill w/ Height Adjustable Desk.

We are available to provide assistance with any height adjustable desks & treadmill recoomendations.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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