A Review of the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro Desk Riser

A Review of the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro Desk Riser

Please view the video of the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro by Ergoprise

You have committed to be healthier and now you are going to contentiously Sit & Stand throughout the workday. Not ready to give up your desk, no problem now you can upcycle your desk with a very easy & cost effective product.

Introducing to the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro a complete desk riser that offers great functionality, wonderful height adjustment and easy installation.

We designed this solution for many reasons. As ergonomic providers it is our duty to explain how a product works but more importantly who it will benefit. Now there are many desk on desk products such as Varidesk, but these systems can cause more harm than good. So many individuals are swayed to purchase a component based upon marketing fluff.

So how is the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro different than other desk rises? First and foremost it is TAA Compliant Meets GSA bid requirement. It is equipped with a standalone monitor arm (that holds a single or dual LCD as well as a laptop or even a tablet or a combination of these) and a proper keyboard tray.

The problems with the Varidesk and similar desk risers is that they lack a monitor arm, takes up precious desk space and sits on top of the desk. Since most desks are 29”-31” tall; you are adding on even further height to the desk, and you are creating even greater postural problems. We all have different seated elbow heights. A desk on desk such as the Varidesk does not offer a below the desk keyboard tray. With a lack of a monitor arm the monitor has insufficient height adjustment and is shaky.

Overview of the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro Desk Riser

Our modular monitor arm solution begins with 16” post to meet the most everyone’s height your height requirement. The 16” post offers the max of 32” of above desk height adjustment at the center of the VESA mount (for both 75 mm x 75mm and 100 mm x 100mm).  If your desk work surface is 29” off the floor the center of your monitor will be 61” off the floor. This solution fits individuals from small to quite tall.

Monitor Mount Features:

  • Ships with both clamp and through hole equipment
  • Best in class arm provides 26” of reach with 13” of usable height adjustment.
  • Visually appealing monitor arm folds into a 4-3/8” area for more desk space in smaller work environments.
  • Tool-less clamp installation makes assembly quick and easy.
  • With a clamping range of 0” to 2 5/8” (clamp)
  • Enclosed cable management system hides cables.
  • Counterbalanced spring technology allows for a 2 to 14lb. load (no gas leakages from use of gas cylinders)
  • The arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the options for display position.
  • TAA Compliant Meets GSA Schedule 70 GS-35F-0143R for bid requirements.

Keyboard Tray System Specs & Features:

  • Keyboard Tray 28” Wide x 11.5” Deep
  • Stable, durable design
  • Knob for tilt adjustment
  • Improved spring brake mechanism
  • Slim arms (less than 0.75 inches each)
  • Has a 19″ height range adjustment
  • Counterbalance is field adjustable by installers
  • Easy-mount keyhole slots on mounting brackets
  • “T” pull control

Still not convinced the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro Desk Riser is right for you? Please review the product images and video.

Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro by Ergoprise – Shown with A Single Mount & iPad Holder  sit-stand-desk-converter-side-view
Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro by Ergoprise – Shown with in a proper seating position below the desk


Should you have any questions regarding the Sit Stand Desk Converter Pro Desk Riser feel free to contact us at 877-907-8688, info@ergoprise.com or via live chat.


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