Relax in Bed with a Bed Wedge

Ergonomic Solutions doesn’t just stop at the office desk environment. Posture and body positioning follows you everywhere, including your bed.  Ergoprise understands that ergonomics even applies to the bedroom which is why we offer ergonomically designed and eco-friendly bed wedges.  Our bed wedges help relief pain associated with lower back pain as well as help  individuals with acid reflux, fatigue, herniated or bulging discs, muscle spasms, stiffness, strain, tension and everyday stress. Ordinary pillows may not offer you pressure-free sitting and backrest however bed wedges are designed specifically to serve this purpose.

Relax in bed with a bed wedge and start feeling some relief.

Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack
Ergoprise Angle Body System is an alternative lumbar traction device for anyone who enjoys reading in bed, who sits or stands for long hours each day, or who is suffering from persistent lower back pain.
memory foam flat leg wedge
Flat Leg Wedge is designed to provide maximum comfort to each individual user by positioning the calf above the heart while laying flat to promote circulation and reduce edema
eco friendly Angle Lumbar Support
Eco-Friendly Green Angle is a unique lumbar traction device for those suffering from lower back pain. The Green Angle Pro diminishes pain while supporting the structural integrity of the spine, lessening the pressure on muscles and discs and allowing passive traction using the calf as counter weight. Our Green Angle is made from renewable resources and accompanied biodegradable plastic packaging.


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