Perfect Companion for your Office, Home & Travel – UltraErgo Keyboard Series

Perfect Companion for your Office – An Overview of UltraErgo Keyboard Series from OysterErgonomics

When one thinks of posture, most automatically envision the spine; keeping your shoulders back and chest out, which is very important. However one must not forget the significance of your hand and wrist posture. With the usage of laptops & tablets we are forcing our bodies to distort into uncomfortable and possibly unsafe positions. This constant repetitive motion can overtime lead to serious health issues. We have come to accept that we use the keyboard that was assigned to the equipment.

There are ergonomic keyboards that offer adjustments. Nonetheless there are still restrictions which may not allow the user to properly place the equipment in his/her most neutral region. We wish to introduce the UltraErgo Keyboard Series by OysterErgonomics. Offered in both UEKB-USB wired and UEKB-RF wireless, this split keyboard has 3 height adjustments, offers more range for finding your proper ergonomic typing position. The compact design doesn’t take up as much desk space as other ergonomic keyboards. Combine this keyboard with a thin laptop stand and you have the ultimate in ergo-on-the-go computer equipment.

UltraErgo keyboard by Oyster Ergonomics
UltraErgo keyboard by Oyster Ergonomics

FAQ’s: Where should I place my hands? How high & how far apart should I place the keyboard? This is completely up to you. We recommend that you try this exercise to help you understand where the position is best for you! When you are seated place your hands on your thighs. As you feel how relaxed and easy this location is, just follow this position for the hand & equipment placement. For some keeping the keyboard flat and the two halves together. For others the two sections need to arranged quite far apart. We have noticed that for certain individuals the two sections need be more vertical. The potential usage for this keyboard far exceeds our expectations amongst the many available ergonomic compact & standard sized adjustable keyboards.

The series is offered in many configurations such as Keyboard Only, Keyboard & Separate Numeric Keypad, Keyboard Travel Bundle which includes the Oyster Mouse.

Ultraergo_ergonomic_keyboard Ultraergo_ergonomic_keyboard_bundle ultraergo_keyboard_bundle

Why Ergoprise endorses this keyboard: The compact keyboard size yet the keys are full size, the keytouch works for those who are touch typists as well as others who hunt & peck! Lastly the ability to adjust the keyboard in extensive positions makes this series one that could be standardized by a large corporation or appreciated by just 1.

We are available to provide assistance with any UltraErgo product offering.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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