MAC Users Rejoice…A designated Right Handed Bluetooth Vertical Mouse by Evoluent is available

For years Mac enthusiasts of the acclaimed Evoluent Vertical Mouse kept asking, when a wireless version will be available?  I am happy to announce that your request has been granted.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse Bluetooth Version – VM4RB  with its uniquely patented contoured design converts the traditional palm down mousing position to a vertical handshake position.  It is extremely comfortable.  The version 4 iteration includes a larger flange along the bottom of the mouse to prevent the pinky finger from dragging on the desk. The thumb rest has been improved to provide even more comfort and reduced grip force.  It offers an easier-to-access pointer speed control button on the side of the mouse allowing the user to select between Extra Low, Low, Medium and High, giving users the ability to select the degree of precision they require for each task. An additional thumb button can also be assigned once a driver is installed.

Why Use A Vertical Mouse?

Disallows Forearm Pronation – The design of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse improves comfort and control when mousing, with a patented shape that supports the hand in a relaxed handshake position, and a designated section for your thumb to rest. This innovative design eliminates forearm twisting and minimizes the effort required to use the mouse.


Maintains Blood Flow through the Wrist – Typical horizontal mice cause your forearm to twist away from its natural position, which can reduce blood flow, put muscles in awkward positions and increase the rate of fatigue. For many, this can result in discomfort and pain while mousing.

Uncomplicated – Invented for comfort and easy to reach programmable buttons. No finger stretching or contortions are required.  A familiar handhold as with a standard mouse (just turned sideways buttons) are operated by the same fingers. This virtually eliminates any need to retrain or establish new muscle memory when mousing.

Cursor Stability – The mouse does not unintentionally move sideways when clicking with normal force because the thumb naturally opposes the finger movements.

Pointer Accuracy – Pointer control is as accurate as any other high-quality performance mouse with on-mouse adjustable speed controls.

Not Sure What Size Evoluent is best for you; see the sizing chart listed below.

Hand size for Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4
The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 regular size models (Right Wireless, Right Mac Bluetooth, Right and Left) are for hands at least about 7 inches or 178 mm from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist crease. Hands shorter than 7 inches/178 mm may be more suitable for the Vertical Mouse 4 Small. To see which model fits you better, download a full-size pdf of this drawing, print it with scaling set to None and put your hand on it. If your hand is the same size or smaller than the drawing, the Small may fit you better than the regular size models.


Should you have questions about which mouse is best for you please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.  We can help take the guess work out of searching for the solutions that best meet your individual needs.

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