Know Your Seated Elbow Height

Do you know your seated elbow height?

With words like “ergonomic” and “proper alignment” being thrown out just about everywhere these days, it’s easy to get confused.  If you’ve ever felt neck strain or discomfort in your hands or arms, your seated elbow height is most likely not correct.

So why should I even care about my seated elbow height? Most people are unaware that their current desk is too tall and if you going to purchase a desk on desk system (Varidesk or similar) you need to be aware of the location of your typing position when seated.

Now the numbers

One of our greatest concerns which rarely is addressed with any desk-on-desk riser, is that they truly limit the users if the keyboard tray does not adjust below the work surface for users from 5′ to 5’11”.

Most desks are 2008″-30″ high.  Now if you are 5’4″ tall your seated elbow typing height should be 23″.  If you go with a sit stand desk riser you know are going to be typing several inches higher than where you should be while seated.

We are happy to share this very valuable and helpful information when considering a Standing Desk.  First and foremost, measure the height of the existing desk (from the floor to the desktop).  Now find your height on the chart below.

(We’ve enclosed two graphics from the Cornell University School of Ergonomics of the ideal typing posture. We married Cornell’s ergonomic workstation guideline with the average female and male anthropometric dimensions while seated and standing. This will give you an idea of what workstations will work for your height.  Knowledge is power; we truly believe that when one understands the correct seated, standing & eye height parameters, you will be amazed how important the technical specifications will determine which Sit to Stand Workstation is best for EACH individual.)

Proper Ergonomic Alignment
One of the most important factors when choosing a retrofit for the workstation is that you are able to sit and stand in the most ergonomic and comfortable posture as possible. Below are two images from Dr. Hedge of the Cornell School of Ergonomics that will provide a helpful visual & convey information to understanding the importance of a proper set-up.

Ergonomic Sitting

If you find yourself struggling to get comfortable we are here to help you!

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