Experiencing Pain in the Neck…Try Using a Document Holder

Individuals who read documents or execute data entry are more prone to repetitive stress to their neck, upper back and shoulders due to the constant motion when looking down or to the side at stacks of paper.  One way to minimize risk is to utilize a document holder.  This will allow the papers to be placed in a proper location and the alignment will greatly reduce poor posture.

We offer several types of document holders.  For this blog we have identified a few varieties. We will express both the pros & cons so you can make an informed decision.

Clear Slope Pro Document Holder and Writing Slope

Clear Slope Pro Document Holder and Writing Slope never lean over and strain your upper limbs.  This unique document holder & writing slope effortlessly moves for the holder to be positioned at many locations on the desk.  Easily adjusts with either the left or right hand.


  • Transparent and non-reflective
  • Allows storage of documents under the transparent cover for quick and easy reference
  • Can be used as a document holder and a reading/writing slope
  • 13 angle adjustment levels from 8 to 55 degrees.
  • Includes a padded document shelf to avoid pressure on the wrists
  • Allows document surface to be positioned directly under the screen at almost any height
  • Optional book holder allows referencing from folders or books


  • Costlier than the average in-line document holder



TRU Universal Document Holder

TRU Universal VESA Mount Document Holder this document holder is designed to minimize eye and neck movement by placing documents in an ergonomically correct viewing position.  It mounts between the vesa plate & monitor.

• Finger Adjustable
• Fits both VESA 75mm and 100mm flat panels
• Supports various document widths
• Swing motion
• Easy adjustment to ensure a comfortable viewing angle
• Stores out of the way when not in use


  • Equipment to install the unit





Microdesk Document Holder / Writing Surface  is a dual-purpose document holder and writing surface that allows you to concurrently use your keyboard and write at the same time. It fits comfortably over the top of your keyboard to enable easy access to the keyboard while working with your documents.







  • Transparent acrylic lets you see the keyboard easily through the clear surface
  • Allows you to safely rest your forearms on the surface while maximizing your desk space
  • Height and slope adjust easily by twisting the feet in and out
  • Suitable for both left and right handed users
  • Easily lifted and stored when not in use
  • Includes line guide and removable paper ledge
  • Models and sizes available to fit most monitors and computer keyboards


  • Price somewhat costly for the quality (material and construction)
  • Not height adjustable


Should you have questions about document holders please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, info@ergoprise.com or via live chat.

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