Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 3

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 3

It is important that you think of the flooring surface while you are standing. Whether it be for work or the countless hours baking or cleaning up after a holiday mixer. Say goodbye to the aches and pains and hello to comfort & style.

Just because you have carpet you still may want to consider an anti-fatigue mat as the padding under your carpet may not be sufficient or in many cases nonexistent.

If you plan to use the mat at a standing desk in a home office or a traditonal office here are a few tips. Use the mat while you stand. Never keep the mat under the chair. The weight of the chair will cause indentations in the mat and make it unsafe and possibly cause one to trip. Secondly, the mat needs to be resistant to punctures (aka heels, which ours will withstand). Lastly the mat needs to be sized appropriately (i.e. for the number of users).

Here are a few of our favorites for Home:

NewLife Comfort Floor Mats – Multiple Sizes
Affordable Designer Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mats by GelPro









Here are a few of our favorites for Office/Retail:


Rhino Soft Woods Anti-Fatigue Mat (great office or retail floor)
NewLife Eco-Pro Commercial Mat
















Please use code HOLIDAY5 at checkout to receive an additional 5% off. This discount is valid 12/31/14.

Our specialists will be available to help provide assistance with any gift giving need on your holiday list. Feel free to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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