Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 19


Stop holding your tablet while you work!  The all new iTArm (iPad & Tablet Arm) is the answer to the biggest issue with the iPads & tablets; they’re horribly non- ergonomic, or for you folks that don’t like to use the word “ergonomic” it’s incredibly uncomfortable to use either for extended periods of time. This would make a perfect ergonomic gift for your tablet enthusiasts!


iTArm conveniently mounts to any desktop and  offers an hands free computing by positioning your iPad/Tablet in the perfect eye level eliminating slouching and all the stress you put on your body while having to look down at your device.

The iTArm works with any tablet or e-book reader that is as small as 5.5” to 10” tall as long as your tablet is at least 5.7” wide. All three iPads fit perfectly vertically as well as horizontally on the iTArm.

The tablet sits firmly in an adjustable cradle that can be tilted in just about any position or angle you wish. The iTArm’s reach is 37.4” long which is ideal if you wish to stand while using the tablet.


  • The Perfect Articulating iPad or Tablet Arm including all DELL Tablets, including Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet PC, Moterola XOOM, HP, MID, Lenovo PAD etc. All 8″ to 11″ MID!
  • The iTArm is perfect for any iPad or Tablet under 4.4 lbs!
  • Available in Black only
  • Clamp mount only

This is without question a must for every serious iPad or Tablet enthusiast or any company that is concerned about the heath and productivity of their employees that use an iPad or Tablet for any extended period of time.

Photos of the iTArm in our customers’ offices:

itarm_inuse2 itarm_inuse






We are available to provide assistance with any gift giving need on your holiday list.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-907-8688, or via live chat.

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