Sitting, leaning, stretching and standing… One Seat.

There are numerous sitting, leaning or perching and standing seats in the market, but only one in the market that offers you the capability to move while seated or standing at your desk. Meet the Fehn Chair Watch our Fehn Video and see how versatile and sleek and downright cool […]

What to consider when buying a Varidesk as a Corporate Standard

Congratulations on exploring a healthier way for your employees to work in 2018. However, before you buy there are important considerations to factor in to avoid making the same mistake thousands of users of sit-stand solutions have experienced. If you’re reading this, then you have gotten the news that it’s truly […]

Choosing the Best Sit Stand Desk Riser for Your Body Type: 1 Year Later & New Risers

So many options, so what is a Facilities Manager, HR Generalist, Risk Manager, Director of Purchasing, OT, PT, Chiropractor, or an Individual in Pain to Do? Since we published our original comparison in 2016 even more products have entered an over saturated Sit to Stand Arena. How does one select […]

Varidesk vs. S2S Workstation, which sit stand desk works for you?

S2S Sit Stand Workstation White

Varidesk vs. S2S Workstation, which sit stand desk works for you? Ergonomically, one of the greatest concerns which rarely is  addressed with any desk-on-desk riser, is that they truly limit the users to a very small window to type seated ergonomically if the keyboard tray does not adjust below the work […]