Relax in Bed with a Bed Wedge

Ergonomic Solutions doesn’t just stop at the office desk environment. Posture and body positioning follows you everywhere, including your bed.  Ergoprise understands that ergonomics even applies to the bedroom which is why we offer ergonomically designed and eco-friendly bed wedges.  Our bed wedges help relief pain associated with lower back […]

October is National Ergonomic Awareness Month

October is National Ergonomic Awareness Month To encourage the awareness of Ergonomics in the workplace, home office, school or even coffee shop, Ergoprise wishes to provide a special discount for all orders placed online or via telephone for the entire month of October. We want to be able to help […]

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 22

Introducing  the The AllSeating You Highback. This ergonomic gift may as well have the best lumbar support in the business and it’s on an ergonomic mesh chair. The unique back frame actually bends to straighten or bow the mesh while actually lifting up to reduce pressure on the back and […]

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 15

Sugar Plum Fairies will definitely dance in your head thanks to the blissful dreams you will experience with Ergoprise Angle Body System 3-Pack Wedge System. This ergonomic gift idea is a complete wedge system offered by Ergoprise is an alternative lumbar traction device for anyone who enjoys reading in bed, […]