LumoLift: Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture

Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture The Lumolift not only reminds the user to get more exercise but it also reminds the user to practice better posture when they begin to slouch. It uses a smart sensor technology that gently reminds you by vibrating when your core body […]

In 2014 treat yourself to the Ergonomic Equipment You Always Wanted…with the help of Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later

Happy New Year!  If your resolution is to have a healthy set-up but you thought you could not afford it be advised you can by utilizing Pay Pal’s Bill Me Later.  Now you can properly outfit your workstation to Sit, Stand & Walk throughout the work day. Often people forgo […]

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 24

Lifespan Treadmill

 A SPECIAL TAX DEDUCTION FOR TREADMILL DESK EQUIPMENT EXPIRES AFTER 2013.  Acquisition of a treadmill workstation may be a tax deductible expense. Please consult a tax professional, but why wait when there is an incentive to purchase a treadmill desk system before the end.  This is the perfect ergonomic gift […]

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 10

Spring into Good Health with our ergonomic gift idea this Holiday Season, the Special Edition Swopper.  This unique yet fun stool that will add a little fun to your workday, all the while keeping you moving which helps keep you alert, strengthens your core muscles, and promotes blood flow.   […]

Save your Back from Back Pain

Save Your Back To assist our readers to further understand the importance of sound ergonomic practices, we at Ergoprise take pleasure in listing additional information during National Ergonomics Month.  With this passage, Ms. Devanshi G. Patel reviews an all too common complaint we hear about from many contacts.      The […]