Essential Ergonomic Furniture for the Dorm – Part Two

Is your college bound child a pain in the neck? Maybe it is a result of improper head & neck positions while using a tablet or a laptop. From Laptops to iPads & Tablets, technology is forever changing the way we learn and work. Unfortunately these devices will cause neck […]

Perfect Companion for your Office, Home & Travel – UltraErgo Keyboard Series

Perfect Companion for your Office – An Overview of UltraErgo Keyboard Series from OysterErgonomics When one thinks of posture, most automatically envision the spine; keeping your shoulders back and chest out, which is very important. However one must not forget the significance of your hand and wrist posture. With the […]

Say Goodbye to your Stadium Seat and Hello to the Mogo Portable Seat

For those who have read my past Ergoprise Blogs know that I have a daughter. This past weekend we had a very hectic schedule, a trumpet recital in the morning followed by a very long outdoor swim meet in the afternoon (shameless plug for the Texas Toros). Needless to say […]

LumoLift: Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture

Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture The Lumolift not only reminds the user to get more exercise but it also reminds the user to practice better posture when they begin to slouch. It uses a smart sensor technology that gently reminds you by vibrating when your core body […]