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A Body in Motion…Review of the Varier Move Stool

Think back to middle school science and remember Newton’s law of motion, now fast forward and look at your posture in a traditional chair (all be it a task chair […]

Ergonomic Office

LumoLift: Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture

Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture The Lumolift not only reminds the user to get more exercise but it also reminds the user to practice better posture when […]

Ergonomic Office

Ergoprise Ergonomic Gift Suggestion Calendar Day 17

The perfect ergonomic gift accessory for a new LCD Monitor courtesy of ESI Ergonomics Encloze Non-VESA Monitor Conversion Bracket.  Many of today’s ultra thin LCD panels simply do not have […]

Oyster Mouse
Ergonomic Mice

Input Devices Need to Fit You… An Overview of Your Wrist (including exercises to strengthen)

What you need to know about using Input Devices. When people think of injuries from working at the computer, often, the first one that comes to mind is carpal tunnel […]

Introducing The Most Versatile Standing Height Adjustable Desk Line

Ergoprise Introduces their S2S Height Adjustable Desk Line Leading Ergonomic Office Furniture Supplier, Ergoprise, is proud to announce the most versatile height adjustable desk line on the market: The S2S […]

In Search for the Best Ergonomic Office Chair

How do we find the Best Ergonomic Office Chair? Well,  no matter how technology continues to evolve, there will always be a need for the best ergonomic office chair.  Our […]

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