Sitting, leaning, stretching and standing… One Seat.

There are numerous sitting, leaning or perching and standing seats in the market, but only one in the market that offers you the capability to move while seated or standing at your desk. Meet the Fehn Chair Watch our Fehn Video and see how versatile and sleek and downright cool […]

Affordable Ergonomic Chairs…They Do Exist

So often at Ergoprise we are asked to help recommend a chair for an individual.  The request is usually followed with the statement, “I can only spend between $200-$499” so I doubt that the chair will be ergonomic. I quickly reassure the person that we carry affordable, true ergonomic chairs. […]

Choosing the Best Sit Stand Desk Riser for Your Body Type: 1 Year Later & New Risers

So many options, so what is a Facilities Manager, HR Generalist, Risk Manager, Director of Purchasing, OT, PT, Chiropractor, or an Individual in Pain to Do? Since we published our original comparison in 2016 even more products have entered an over saturated Sit to Stand Arena. How does one select […]

Video Review of the 3D Laminate Uprise Sit to Stand Desk

Video Review of the 3D Laminate Uprise Sit to Stand Desk Now you can experience the tremendous components of the recognized & respected Uprise (Height & Width Adjustable Desk) with an incredible 3D Laminate.  This combination will certainly be the envy of your colleagues & family members. So what is […]

Side-by-Side Sit Stand Desk Converters

How to pick the best sit stand solution for your specific needs: You’ve read the headlines – Sitting Is the New Smoking!  However Standing All Day can be Detrimental so, what are we to do?  Answer, a series of transitions of both throughout the day. Sitting and Standing throughout the […]