Side-by-Side Sit Stand Desk Converters

How to pick the best sit stand solution for your specific needs: You’ve read the headlines – Sitting Is the New Smoking!  However Standing All Day can be Detrimental so, what are we to do?  Answer, a series of transitions of both throughout the day. Sitting and Standing throughout the […]

The Changing Workplace – Office Designs and Ergonomics 2014

Everyday the way we work is changing which means our working environment will also need to change. Ergonomics are growing in importance more every day and so is the workplace setting. Below is a useful info-graphic regarding Changing Workplaces. Everything from flexible furnitutre, ergonomic friendly officespaces, to breaking down the […]

LumoLift: Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture

Wearable Technology to help us with Better Posture The Lumolift not only reminds the user to get more exercise but it also reminds the user to practice better posture when they begin to slouch. It uses a smart sensor technology that gently reminds you by vibrating when your core body […]