Active Sitting, is this an Oxymoron?

Active Sitting, is this an Oxymoron?

The Washington Post wrote a very interesting article entitled “The Health Hazards of Sitting”. Once you read this commentary you might want to divorce yourself from your current chair and move to one that offers the user the ability sit & move. Yes we can move in a traditional task chair but are we really achieving health benefits, the answer is NO!

Welcome the Seating line from Focal. Notice I did not say chair because this is a leaning seat. Within their three offerings an individual will be in a more upright and relaxed position. Do not freak out when you see that the seat does not have a back. The seat will actually position your body in a more beneficial yet relaxed position.  The spine will be in a more natural alignment. The open hip angle keeps major leg muscles lengthened, reducing pull and strain on the lower back. Your legs work with the seat to form a stable yet active pyramid of support. This reduces leg discomfort and swelling that occurs when sitting in a traditional office chair or standing all day.

Now which Focal Seat is Right for you? Below is a sides by side comparison of the Locus Leaning Seat , Mobis Leaning Stool & Mogo Portable Seat. This guide is a useful tool to help you decide on the seat that works with the tasks you are trying to accomplish.  Now I must confess I use each one and adore them all!

Download Seat Comparison .PDF here: Seat Comparison Guide

Seat Comparison Guide


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