A Review of the Trackless Keyboard Tray System

Want to eliminate & prevent pain? Do you want to abate the threat of musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you want to reduce bent forward typing postures? Do you want to finally have contact with the back of your chair? Then by all means start using a keyboard tray system!

A keyboard tray systems allows the keyboard and mouse to be removed from the top of the desktop. The input devices are now relocated and positioned in a more comfortable, low-risk position that can easily be adjusted.

Now the issue with most keyboard tray systems for traditional desks is that it the track is incorrectly measured. Often   the track is either too long (sticks out) or is too short for the desk (the tray cannot stow under the desk).

With many adjustable sit to stand desks the cross supports constrain the use of a keyboard tray system. In the past only a very short track can be outfitted and the user will not have the ability to completely store the tray underneath the tabletop.

We are so very excited to present a Revolutionary Trackless Keyboard Tray System that will work will all desks (albeit Standing Desks, Commercial Office Desks and Benching Desks)!

Keyboard-arm Revolutionary Trackless Keyboard Tray System

Specifications of the Mechanism:

  • Fully stores/retracts utilizing 9.4” mounting space under work surface
  • Stores within 5.25” from the underside of the desk
  • Infinite height range from under work surface from -1.25” to -6.98” below the desk via Lift-N-Lock™ technology ( 5.73” total adjustment range)
  • Infinite tilt angles from +10° to -15° with Dial-Tilt
  • Integral and optional tilt and height gauges
  • Conforms to ANSI/HFES 100-2007 Ergonomic Standards and ANSI/BIFMA Testing Standards

There are several types of keyboard trays that can be equipped with the trackless mechanism (Mouse Under, Mouse on the Same Level, Mouse Over). Always measure your keyboard & mouse so you know which keyboard platform is best for your particular set up.

keyboard-tray-system keyboard-tray-system-2 keyboard-tray-system-3

Seeing is believing please review the product video.

Should you have any questions regarding the Trackless Keyboard Tray System feel free to contact us at 877-907-8688, info@ergoprise.com or via live chat.

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