A great affordable office chair is the Riva Via Chair that is available in sizes to fit almost anyhone.
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A Good Chair Costs How Much?

A Good Chair Costs How Much? I was asked this question a few days ago and it spurred a great conversation. I frequently get asked questions like this or hear […]

Humanscale Freedom Chair is one of the most popular and comfortable office chairs.
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Getting to the Seat of the Problem

A chair is to the office worker as a mattress is to all of us – a place we spend way too many hours that absolutely must be comfortable. Thus […]

Allseating Zip Mesh Back Chair
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Cool Chairs: Will a Mesh Office Chair Mesh With You?

As I sit here in my office during the hottest summer on record for Austin, Texas, the topic of mesh office chairs is certainly on my mind. Granted, I’m sitting […]

An Easy Way to Fight Obesity & Back Pain at Work

Fight Obesity & Back Pain at Work Who doesn’t want to lose weight without having to make an extreme effort? How many people do you know that have back pain […]

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